School Curriculam Committee

The School Curriculum Committee would:
  1. Define activities for pedagogical practices.
  2. Evolve a plan of assessment and mechanism of feedback and reflection and ensure its implementation.
  3. Ensure that the textbooks/ reference materials are age appropriate, incorporate inclusive principles, gender sensitive, have valid content and do not contain any material which may hurt the sentiments of any community.
  4. Send the list of books to the Principal to take action as per para 2.4.7 (b) of the Affiliation Byelaws, 2018 of CBSE.
  5. It would also ensure that the reference materials reflect conformity with the underlying principles of the Constitution of India and are compliant with NCF-2005.
  6. Make sure that issues of gender, social, cultural and regional disparities are taken care of in the curriculum transaction.
  7. To prepare the list of notebooks for the Academic year.
  8. To ensure the distribution of split-up syllabus to students of all classes.
  9. To monitor the teaching-learning process.
  10. To monitor the upkeep of CCE documents.
  11. To monitor the conduct of Remedial class for low achievers.
Sr No. Name of Staff Members Official Position Department
1 Mr. Sarvda Nand Tiwari PGT Science
2 Mr. Ashutosh Sharma PGT Computer
3 Mr. Brijesh Tripathi PGT Hindi
4  Mr. Ravindra Nath Pandey PGT Mathematics
5 Mrs. Deepika Mishra PGT English
6 Mr. Pradeep Kumar Srivastav PGT Social Science