Fee Structure

Thank you for your interest in applying for a place at Takshila Academy . We want all parents to feel informed about school fees and to be able to plan their school year. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly admissions team for more information. We are always happy to help!

Middle Stage
Class Tuition Fee Quarterly Tuition Fee Yearly
VI 9600.00 38400.00
VII 9600.00 38400.00
VIII 9600.00 38400.00
Secondary Stage
Class Tuition Fee Quarterly Tuition Fee Yearly
IX 11,250.00 45,000.00
X 11,250.00 45,000.00
11th & 12th (Science) 12,750.00 51,000.00
11th & 12th (Commerce/Humanities) 11,550.00 46,200.00
**Computer fee class XI & 12th Optional 2,310.00 9,240.00

Fee Structure (Payable Quarterly)

  1. Admission Fee : Rs. 15000/- to be deposited at the time of admission.
  2. School bus fee as per location of the pickup point.
  3. Cost of Registration  form Rs. 500/-

Fee Rules

  1. Fee must be paid through 4 crossed (CTS) cheques inper the FEE-CARD. The school will deposit the cheques in the bank on due dates.
  2. Each cheque should contain the NAME, CLASS, SECTION and ADMISSION NUMBER of the child on the back.
  3. Parents who want to pay the full session fee at one time can do so through a single cheque or demand draft.
  4. If cheque is dishonoured, you will be informed. If corrective action is not taken within 15 days the child’s name will be struck off the rolls.
  5. The dishonoured cheque has to be replaced by a Bank Draft only with additional Rs. 300/- as fine.
  6. Fresh admission may be given at the discretion of the Principal after the name has been struck off due to non-payment of the fee/cheque being dishonoured. Admission fee will have to be paid for fresh admission.
  7.  Favour of TAKSHILA ACADEMY drawn on any “Local National Bank”.
  8. Cheques from outstation and non-clearing house member banks will not be acceptable.
  9. The NEWLY ADMITTED children would pay the first fee in cash.
  10. Fee for the full session must be paid through POST-DATED CHEQUES and all cheques must be deposited with Accounts office by 4th April 2024.
  11. The amount and date (on post dated cheques) should be as 
  12. If a child’s cheque is dishonoured twice, the rest of the cheques will be returned and a demand draft will be required for the whole amount. If a child has attended school even for a day in any quarter, fee for the whole quarter will be charged.
  13. Fee will be deposited with accounts office by 4th April 2024.
  14. A Concession of 50% of total fee and Admission fee will be given to the staff ward(s) of Takshila Academy for the first two children.