Science owes a great debt to imagination. Many great inventions and discoveries would never have come about if some day dreamer hadn’t imagined it first.

Mr. Arvind Gupta is one of them. Arvind Gupta, an IIT Kanpur electric engineering alumnus, quit his job at Telco 30 years ago due to his love for science and learning to the children of India.

Gupta has travelled to over 3000 schools, demonstrating captivating science experiments to wide eyed children. What sparks their imagination further is that Gupta uses only everyday garbage as the building blocks of these experiments.

Gupta’s dedication, perseverance and brilliance have not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized by organisations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, International Toy Research Association, Boston Science Centre, Walt Disney Imagineering and Research. He has received a special award given by the National Association for the Blind for designing teaching aids for pre-school blind children and the Ruchi Ram Sahni Award for science popularisation, among others.

Inspired by him, Takshila Academy has set up an A.G. Lab in the school to give hands on experience related to scientific experiments to children. In A.G. Lab children make models and do experiments by reusing the waste materials.